Clearpath Education App

Touch-Enabled Virtual Study and Testing Tool

The Clearpath Education App transforms your iPad into a comprehensive dermatopathology reference tool. It offers an expansive database of slide images, simulated board exams,

and a state-of-the-art microscope viewer.  The Clearpath Education App tool is available to any resident or clinician, making the study of dermatopathology easier and more efficient than ever.

Examine Stunning 40x Images

Stunning 40x images with touch, zoom and pan capability. Seamless image rendering for smooth and clear navigation.

Review Essential Terms

A review of essential dermatopathology terms. Touch enabled highlights of key findings for each term.

Study an Expansive Database of Cases

Beautiful, high-resolution images. Touch-enabled highlights of key findings. Corresponding 40x slides for each diagnosis.

Test Your Skills

Board-relevant slide cases presented in a timed exam format. Random test generator makes each exam a new challenge.

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