Read Your Own Slides Digitally.

Welcome to the New Age of Dermatopathology

Do you want to provide faster results?
Do you want to quickly create your own customized reports right in your office?
Do you want access to cutting-edge technology that allows you to interpret and diagnose your cases?


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Introducing Clearpath 3.0. 

Clearpath 3.0 is the first tool that allows dermatologists to access and view their own slides in a digital format from a tablet or iPad.  Dermatologists using Clearpath 3.0 simply send biopsies to the lab, and within 48 hours they receive crisp digital slide images on their tablet, iPad or other mobile device. Interpreting dermatologists are able to confirm diagnoses on glass slides returned to them from the lab.

With Clearpath 3.0, dermatologists can now:

  • Review their own slides digitally.
  • Benefit from having immediate access to the highly trained team of board-certified dermatopathologists at Dermpath Lab of Central States (DLCS), our full-service dermatopathology laboratory, at the touch of a button.
  • Control the process with access to digital slides within 24-48 hours followed by final diagnosis from glass slides shipped from the laboratory.
  • Streamline workflows and realize greater efficiency. Format and upload pathology reports to electronic health records (EHR).
  • Instantly access slides, which are securely and digitally stored in the cloud, from anywhere.
  • Take advantage of slide scanning services, combined with a fully accredited dermatopathology lab, which offers consults and full case reads for any case, billed directly by the lab to payors, clients, or patients.
  • View clear, crisp imagery on a tablet or iPad —a solution that is more flexible than a traditional microscope.
  • Improve patient experience through greater visual interaction of skin diagnosis.
  • Enhance their practice with the ability to compare cases, communicate with colleagues and provide patient results with educational reports.


DLCS digital dermatopathology services are just a click away with Clearpath 3.0!  For more information regarding Clearpath 3.0 and other Clearpath products, please visit the Clearpath website.


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