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Reading Your Slides Has Never Been Easier

Do you want to provide faster results?
Do you want to quickly create your own customized reports right in your office?
Do you want access to cutting-edge technology that allows you to interpret and diagnose your cases?


ClearPath Scope

Clearpath Scope allows you to increase your bottom line by 5-10%, while delivering the highest quality dermatopathology possible. Use it to read your own slides and consult with our highly trained team of board-certified dermatopathologists at the touch of a button. Benefits include:


  •       Slides sent to you as digital files—no need to store physical slides
  •       Clear and crisp imagery on a tablet, a solution that is more flexible than a traditional microscope
  •       Diagnoses that are customized for your practice
  •       Digital images within 48 hours of sending the biopsy
  •       A digital logbook to organize biopsies and easily review or print reports
  •       Ability to upload your report to your EHR
  •       1-click consultation requests


DLCS dermatopathology services are just a click away using our Clearpath app. If a second opinion is needed, we are here to help!


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