DLCS is your partner in patient care.  Our state of the art laboratory combines decades of expertise with personal service to provide you with a lab you can trust to provide:

  • Quality diagnoses from our team of highly trained board certified dermatopathologists
  • State of the art technical processes and in-house advanced and molecular testing
  • Fast results via EMR, online, fax and hard copy
  • Immediate alert on melanoma cases and customized reads to fit your needs or preference
  • In-house billing staff that treat your patients like our own
  • Unmatchable customer service for you, your staff and your patients


Our Pathologists


Our four favorite words: immediate and accurate information. DLCS offers the updated data you need instantly.


Order Supplies


Supply is in demand—and a stocked inventory is essential. We offer bottles, slips, mailers, and more.


View Digital Cases


View the DLCS gallery of eSlides to learn more about the science of providing solutions.

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